Nicole Huisman

Stylist & Creative

Could she be the queen of styling? After all, Nicole Huisman makes any combo work. She has made quite a name for herself, both as a stylist and a creative bubble, working with renowned fashion brands and teams. Even though she’s pretty young, she’s got the track record of a senior. You could say she’s got the cards and she’s not afraid to play them… But what’s her strategy to the game of life? Be prepared for some surprises, as we unpeel the woman behind many talents... 

When do you find inspiration for daily looks?
All the time, actually. When I’m shopping for a styling production or editorial shoot, when I browse through magazines, Pinterest or Instagram, when I’m with friends, when I’m at a party… There is always something that inspires me to try out something new.

You recently switched from brunette to blonde, why did you decide to commit to the ‘blonde side’?
I was once told that every girl should be blonde at least once in her life. And so I did it, and it was awesome! I felt like a superhero version of myself. Unfortunately, a lot of my hair broke off, so the only thing left to do was to cut it off and to go back to my roots again. And now I have a new goal: super long hair! And who knows, maybe some day… Back to Blondie blonde!

When do you feel vulnerable?
When I’m in an argument with someone I love.

What’s your favourite movie snack?
Super dark chocolate and lightly salted popcorn, yum!

What’s your secret to master the art of outfit layering?
Put a rack in your room and hang all of your favourite clothes there. You’ll spot new, unexpected combinations instantly.

How did you decide to style this ALIX item?I’m a suit lover, so I let the leopard suit be the leopard suit, and I only added dancing shoes. I gave the lace some extra Italian vibes by throwing in my favourite leopard Dolce & Gabbana slingbacks. To tone the outfit down a bit, I added a big striped sweater from my denim favourite M.i.h Jeans.

Crop top or oversized sweater?
Oversized sweater, preferably combined with mini shorts.

Which fabric do you enjoy wearing most?
Silk, denim and cashmere, especially when worn together!


Nicole Huisman

Palm trees or snowflakes?
Palm trees, without a doubt! Life is better in a bikini.

What’s it like, working with your boyfriend on freelance projects?
Big fun, most of the time! It’s so cool to combine our superpowers and I’m always so proud when I see Friso shine during a production. Thanks to him I directed my first video, which I'd love to do more often in the future. This year we even travelled to South Africa, for a big commercial gig… Whoop, whoop! The tricky thing is that you have to be careful that work talk doesn’t take over your love life. I think we’re improving this with every new job that comes along!

Are you a dog or a cat person?
A dog person, without a doubt.

Do you remember buying your first pair of heels?
Yes! I was fifteen and shopping was my life. I decided to spend the last twenty euros in my account on a pair of super trashy, pink patent, fake leather heels. Never wore them.

Who’s your snapchat favorite?
I’m more of an Instagram Story kinda person actually! I really like the down-to-earth beauty vibes from @glossier.

What’s your favorite instagram account?
My favourites are @mansurgavriel, @70babes and @twogirlsonepizza.

Pictures by Valentina Vos