Lotte Visser

Online influencer

Say hello to brunette flame Lotte. No nonsense, straightforward and seriously stylish. A go with the flow type of girl, but with a hint of cheekiness.

You may catch her drifting on Ibiza, where she’s spending six months of summer. Preferably in an all black ensemble, a contrasting silhouette on The White Island.

Biggest childhood hero?
My grandpa, without a doubt. He was like a big teddy bear, with the best humour and always full of good advice.


What puts a smile on your face?
Sunny weather, a good party and just positive people in general.

In my next life, I should be…
A boy, I think! Just to experience life from a total different point of view.

Your secret beauty trick?
I never wear a lot of makeup. I feel like the more I put on, the trashier I end up looking. So that’s something I really try to avoid.

Secretly, I am most embarrassed about my…
Well to be honest, I am rarely embarrassed. But the one thing that brings up slight awkwardness is my old Harry Potter book collection. I was sort of addicted to those books, when I was young. Trust me when I say I really really wanted to go to Hogwarts, haha!

Early bird of night owl?
A total night owl. I am very energetic in the evening and I have a real problem getting out bed early. Mornings are not for me.

What’s on your bucket list?
Go to Burning Man in Nevada, swim with little piglets on the Maldives, cuddle a panda bear and to get my own big finca in Ibiza. I would use it as a shelter for cats, dogs, bunnies, baby ducks and all things cute. By the way, if someone wants to clean their benches, that would be great too!

How would you describe your style?
All black everything baby! At least ninety percent of the time. That is my signature look, my grandmother even asked me at a certain point if I was becoming a gothic.

I hate it when people try to feed me a piece of pie

Lotte Visser

If you really knew me, you would know…
I sleep with two bunnies and I also take them with me on holidays and sleepovers.

Salty snacks or sweet things?
Savoury for sure, I hate it when people try to feed me a piece of pie or a bowl of super sweet ice cream. Or anything within that food genre really.

What makes a man sexy?
Humour, passion, confidence and sincerity. And a nice face is not too bad either…

Your closet in three words:
That’s easy to answer. Black, bikinis and shoes.

On a bad day, the only that keeps me going is…
Knowing that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes you don’t know the reason right away, but in the end everything falls into place. It might sound a bit cheesy maybe but I really believe in that philosophy.

I am nothing without…
That’s a simple one, my friends and my phone!