Elsa Ekman

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Elsa Ekman is quite the style chameleon. The gold-haired woman knows what to wear and adapts easily. One moment you’ll find her in a spotless, basic outfit with a simple twist. The other, she’s rocking a statement print with bold accessories. Yet in both situations, she remains authentic to her true self and her fashion DNA. How does this captivating, Swedish stunner go through life?

Whose style do you admire?
Almost all people in the streets... But not Kim Kardashian.

Would you rather live in a castle or on a farm?
Oh, that’s a tricky one... If they serve gin and tonic on the farm, I would go for that setting. But if not, I'll have to go for the castle situation. But in that case, the farm animals must come along as well!

What type of person are you?
I'm an old soul, who loves life, but not afraid of death.

Straight hair or curls?
On myself? In that case, just my natural waves.

Best movie you’ve seen last year?
That has to be the movie Moonlight. A beautiful and really important movie!

Would you describe yourself as a wild thing or the good girl?
How about… A good girl, but with bad habits?

What is the biggest lie about Swedish people?
That we eat meatballs every week! We eat tacos every Friday, and that’s not a lie.

Best compliment someone ever gave you?
That I'm a good listener.

What would be the worst fashion item you ever purchased?
Leggings… I still cannot believe that, at the time, they were something I actually liked and enjoyed wearing.

I'm a good girl but
with bad habits

Elsa Ekman

What is the most memorable shoot you’ve ever done, as a model?
I always enjoy the shoots where you work with really good friends, because you're allowed to drink wine between the shoots. Like that one time in Venice, Italy.

Are you all fun and games or the serious type?
I am totally fun and games! I’ve always been and I know I always will be like that. Just like my mom!

Which past haircut do you regret?
None! I love to try out new hairstyles.

Who’s your snapchat favorite?
My sisters! Her kids are like crazy monkeys! I laugh so hard every time when they’re around.

What’s your favorite instagram account?
The super artsy fartsy @watts.on! I’m in love with every post.