We like bali

Pris & Eve

Who was desperately in need for some sun rays, don’t look any further! These girls live by a sunshine state of mind while running their island life blog Welikebali.com. Eve and Pris decided to pack their bags in 2009 and leave the cold for ‘one year’ in the tropics. Many years later, they’re living the dream: Spending their days sun kissed and, of course, 100% in style.

Describe yourself in 4 words?
We would definitely describe ourselves as adventurous, sporty, happy and driven.

What do you admire in each other?
We love each other’s perseverance, dedication, endless creativity, energy, happiness and silliness. We never miss a chance to laugh, talk, explore, grow, enjoy time with our loved ones, no matter how busy we are. We share the same values in life, probably why we are working as best friends for 10 years now already :)

The last time we felt like fools, was when…
Hmm, we’re not embarrassed that quickly haha. But probably when we’re taking too many ridiculous pictures in public somewhere.

The most beautiful place in the world?
Our Bali home, Hawaii and Tahiti. We’re in love with the island life (but also love being home in Amsterdam and Biarritz too!)

Who is your ultimate girl crush?
Pris: Jasmine Tookes
Eve: Shay Mitchell – they are both so beautiful!

Favorite thing to eat for breakfast?
An acai bowl from @balibowls in Biarritz, scrambled tofu from @kyndcommunity in Bali and homemade almond oatmeal with strawberries at our Amsterdam apartment.

The sweetest thing someone ever bought you?
Pris: Sunrise shell from Hawaii from my boyfriend.

Eve: An engagement ring from my fiancé.

Are you a daydreamer or a go-getter?
Both! We daydream all the time, about new travels, new collection designs or other business ideas and then encourage each other to get things done. There’s still so much in life we want to do.

What are you grateful about in your life?
Our sweet family, our handsome men, loving friends & the freedom and ability to live the life we love in between our homes in Bali, Biarritz and Amsterdam. And of course, Eve becoming a mom in January. We’re thankful for many things every single day.  

We daydream all the time.

We like bali

What’s your favorite Instagram account?
Pris: @brooklynhawaii, we always dream of Hawaii and this account brings us back to it.
Eve: @chelseakauai, love her adventurous life!

Describe a perfect day.
Get up before sunrise, go for a surf or work out, brekkie at vegan café Peloton, coconut cappuccino & banana cake after at KYND, taking photos for our Instagram somewhere pretty for our favorite fashion and swimwear brands, mani pedi with the girls, sunset on the beach & finish the day with a delicious dinner all together. After January we’ll need to include lots of cuddles with Eve’s little bubba haha.

Weird travel habits?
Pris: I pack everything in separate little bags. I end up having about 20 bags in my suitcase with everything sorted (OCD much?! Haha)
Eve: Half my suitcase is filled with food and I’m always buying M&M’s for in the plane. First things first!

What’s on your bucket list?
Pris: Going back to Tahiti and travel together to the Maldives & Philippines and even more important, open a WelikeBali shop together.
Eve: Beach wedding in The Netherlands, honeymoon to Tahiti, lots of tropical trips.
And we want to grow our business and make a new book together!

Currently on repeat?
Pris: Kimi Miner Hawaii – Sea of Love
Eve: Anuhea – Forever Summer
It’s always Summer in our Spotify list, haha!