Vivian Hoorn

Photographer & Stylist

Take some humour, add sparkling eyes and throw in a ball of energy. That should leave you with maybe an inch of Vivian’s upsweeping magic. A lady juggling at least three positions, career wise.She’s a sucker for stuffed animals, especially her bunny plushies. They all carry the sweet name Dim. She’s a secret romantic, with a fear of dolphins and a dislike for eggs. If this peculiar intro doesn’t spark your interest, I’m pretty sure the following tête-à-tête with Miss Hoorn will.

How do you combine modelling, photography and styling?
Honestly? I simply don’t! Having three jobs equals a busy lifestyle. But hey, I really love doing what I do. And with most of my projects I get to combine these activities. Especially when I do photography and styling, those are my absolute favourite things to do. Just creating things.

What are your hopes for the future?
Enjoying life to the fullest. And some more of that typical ‘happy life’ shit. Besides that I’d love to buy a house in the near future. So I hope that’ll happen soon, haha!

Three things I seek in a man
Humour, a ‘Chuck Bass attitude’ and blue eyes. And handsomeness and cuteness and lovely parents and a cool decorated house, a motorcycle license, ambition, no weird accents, instrument skills but no drums or cello involved…

My style is a mix of…
My mother’s inspiration, vintage stuff, a lot of feminine influences, and a few ‘I don’t care how I look’ items.

The most beautiful place in the world?
Hmmm… I feel like I haven’t seen enough of the world to properly answer this question. To me, Iceland is just perfection. The things nature creates come close to sheer miracles. But then again… I must admit, my house in Amsterdam can be heaven as well, hihi!

Which foods do you find addictive?
Fries and all things with truffle. Plus candy… And everything that turns you into a fatty!

Your biggest achievement so far?
Starting my own business. I have already achieved lots of personal goals, so from now own I want to enjoy things more. That’s what’s really important to me

The things nature creates come close to sheer miracles.

Vivian Hoorn

I feel most confident when I…
am truly able to be myself.

City chick or small town girl?
I’m from a small town. The boy from across the street went to school with a tractor. And I always played in the mud with my brother. But I started photography at a very young age, and I dreamt of travelling. And here I am living in Amsterdam, but moving to cool cities at the same the time. So I guess I am a bit of both.

Who is your role model?
My mother. There’s no need to explain, people who know her will understand. This woman is my best friend, my inspiration, my fashion icon and just the funniest person on earth.