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You know what they say, double trouble when you’re blessed with twins. But Bec and Marissa from Twice Blessed tend to twofold the fun, rather than the drama. They once turned down an afterparty with The Biebs, but they would never say no to a fashion show. These powerbabes spend their days writing, shooting and styling sumptuous-looking outfits. It may sound like a cliché, but indeed, a twin's bond is incomparable. And like fabulous shoes, all great things come in two.

What do you admire in each other?
I think the things we admire the most about each other are the qualities that we lack, or aren’t as strong in. In that sense we complete each other. I really admire how pro-active and confident Bec is in taking risks or moving forward with our business. And I admire how level-headed and rational Marissa can be in stressful situations.

Currently watching…
Marissa: I am binge-watching Outlander.
Bec: Girl Boss, a recommendation for all!

What’s it like being sisters in the fashion industry?
It’s such a great blessing to be both business partners and sisters – and even twins! – in this industry. It means that we can always rely on each other for strength and support when needed, and of course celebrate the awesome times together too!

How did you decide to style these ALIX items?
We decided to put a classic ‘Twice Blessed’ spin on them – and that wouldn’t be complete without some thigh high boots and a lot of layering! We also decided to continue our love affair with red and add some pops of colour with the ALIX sweatshirt and a red bag.

Most expensive purchase?
Saint Laurent Medium Satchel and Gucci Dionysus Large, both totally worth it!

The most stupid fight you two ever had?
Way too many to count, or even remember. Probably something about one of us wearing the others clothes so often, and never washing them. You can say most of them are typical sister fights haha! 

Netflix or cinema?
Netflix. Why go out to watch movies, when you can watch them from home in your pyjamas! 

Favorite lipstick of all time?
Revlon Fire & Ice, let those lips pop!

Every occasion asks for different shoes. 

Twice Blessed

At night you can wake me up for…
Only if there is something seriously wrong, to be honest. We love our sleep too much for anything else. Once our friend was going to a Justin Bieber afterparty and called us in the middle of the night to come join her, we totally stayed in bed. Even though we love JB so much! 

High heels or sneakers?
Definitely both! Every occasion asks for different shoes. 

I can’t believe I ever wore...
Brightly coloured sweatpants, ouch... 

Best city to shop?
London! We think it has the best variety from high street to high end, and everything in between!

Salty snacks or sweet things?
Ooooohh…both? I think you can’t have one without the other.

Describe your closet with a movie title.
Ooh that’s so difficult. We’d say something Disney, because Disney is the best, just like our closet!