Sophie May


Hold your horses, we’re sharing someone particularly cute with you. The Dutch grown Sophie blogs, vlogs and instagrams her way through life – and we still can’t get enough of her juice. She likes her clothes edgy, just like late night movies. So don’t be surprised when you stumble upon a sci-fi blockbuster in her watch list. Whether she’s sporting a colorful puffer or fishnet tights, we can’t stop clicking: this is the woman behind Radish To Wear.

Who inspires you style wise?
I love Alexa Chung! And there’s another lady by the name of Alexa, whose style I adore. Her last name is Spencer.

What’s the best thing about running a blog?
I would say travelling the world, meeting incredibly awesome and creative people and being able to sleep in whenever I want to.

Messy bun or hair down?
Hair down! Although I love an occasional messy bun now and then.

What does family mean to you?
Everything, they are what ties me to this country. If it wasn’t for them, I would’ve moved somewhere warmer. I have a small family, so we know each other all quite well. If there are any big decisions to be made, I always turn to my big brothers. That’s what I did while I grew up, and I will continue doing that forever.

All-night party or Netflix and chill?
In the summertime, all night partying. But in winter time definitely Netflix and chill. I’m allergic to cold temperatures, so I love staying in when it’s freezing. I was born in the wrong country, I guess...

Who is your ultimate girl crush?
Alexandra Spencer or Phoebe Tonkin

Are you a daydreamer or a go-getter?
Go-getter from the core, but a daydreamer at heart. Growing up I was that girl dreaming of Cinderella stories, but I’ve realized that to get somewhere, you can’t just sit around and wish for things to happen. You need to work hard and put in all you can.

What’s your favorite thing to eat for lunch?
Banana pancakes at Lavinia Good Food. I could eat those for breakfast, lunch and dinner… To be honest

I’m a laidback person and I hate uncomfortable clothes

Sophie May

How did you decide to style this ALIX item?
I’m a laidback person and I hate uncomfortable clothes, so I decided to wear the suit with a simple tee and soft pink Nike Air Max. I just love strolling in beautiful Amsterdam and that’s impossible in high heels. Also, I’m super tall, so heels always make me the biggest person in the room. That feeling makes me uncomfortable, unless I’m hanging out with super models. I decided to wear the Alix blouse as a jacket. I figured it would be more edgy that way, and I topped it off with another tee and Levi’s shorts.

The sweetest thing someone ever bought you?
Food, when I was really hungry…

What are you grateful about in your life?
My mother, she’s the most awesome person I know. And my grandma too – they are my two favorite people in the entire world.

What’s your favorite Instagram account?
Those of my girl crushes: @4thandbleeker and @phoebejtonkin, those babes are insane. I also love @mondayisabasicbitch for inspiration.

Pictures by : Jasper de Kloet 
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