Sendi Skopljak


Do you believe at love at first sight? Because that’s how it went down when we first laid our eyes on Sendi’s blog. This Swedish beauty gives away her secrets about the craziest thing she has ever done and what’s behind that beautiful glow. Ambitious, loving and she has outfits to die for. Do we need to say more?

How would you describe your style?
It depends on what day it is, but I definitely have a more sporty style with a feminine touch. I like to keep things simple and add key pieces instead.

What’s the craziest thing you have done?
That would probably have been the time me and X crashing our rental car into another car by accident and driving away, but shhhh!

How was your first kiss?
Well, so good that I don’t even remember it haha!

Describe yourself in a cocktail?
I rarely drink so I’m not familiar at all with cocktails. So I probably have to say Mojito, because it’s the only cocktail I drink.

What’s your favorite instagram account?
Oh there are too many good and inspiring accounts out there. Some of my favorites at the moment are negin_mirsalehi, jadeseba & travel_inhershoes 

I’m nothing without?
I don’t even have to think a second about that one: My family. They mean everything to me and I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wouldn’t for them.

What’s on your bucket list?
To be honest I have never really though about it since I don’t have a bucket list. But travelling all around the world, meeting new people, exploring new places and getting to know more about different cultures would have been on the top!

A nice tan is the answer

Sendi Skopljak

Currently on repeat?
Definitely Dua Lipa - New Rules and it will continue to be on repeat the coming weeks! I’m that type of person that listens to one song a million times until I get sick of it.

Beachy hair or the perfect blowout?
Both are favorites, but if I really have to pick one.. I guess that I would choose the perfect blowout and then I would make it less perfect.

Your biggest beauty secret?
A nice tan is the answer. After having my hair nice and fresh, there is nothing I love more than having a nice tan! It doesn’t matter if it’s a real or a fake tan as long as it gives you a beautiful color and that finishing glow.

Your closet in three words?
Huge, organized and black.

In my previous life, I must have been…
A dog because I freaking love them so much and I wish I had the time to have a whole kindergarten full of dogs.