Roos van Dorsten

Fashion blogger

Roos-Anne is a happy girl with a lot of love for family, friends and fashion! She also has a bit of a thing, ok a big one, for anything that’s gold!

When she’s not bopping around with her cute little French Bulldog Norse, she’s busy writing and running her blog MODEROSA. Luckily, she cleared some time to have a chat with us.

Describe your style for us?
My style is a mix between chic and edgy. I love to wear a simple base for my outfits with a touch of something different! That could be something like a red bag or some crazy shoes. I also like to mix prints with funky colors. Basically you can call it a mish-mash of everything!

How did you style your ALIX item?
I’ve styled the dress with some cool buckled boots for that edgy feeling. For my second look I paired the jacket with a cute skirt. The military style of the jacket I loved and thought was cool, so I figured it would be nice to complete the style with a girlier skirt and some cowboy boots.

What is your secret addiction?
Oh my gosh… Cheese, especially old Dutch cheese!

What’s it like working with your boyfriend?
Very normal because we met at our previous job so we’ve actually worked together since we began dating! I’m super happy we both work in fashion and we totally understand each other!

What puts a smile on your face?
My dog Norse… I know it’s a bit cliché but he makes me smile. He’s a French Bulldog, two years old and I must say the craziest dog I know. He sounds like a pig and looks like a puppy. I can’t help it he’s my baby!

Describe yourself as a cocktail…
I am definitely a sweet and fun Strawberry Daiquiri!

Girl’s night out or a slumber party with besties?
Girls night out all the way! I love to dress up, have some wine and dance the night away.

I love to dress up, have some wine and dance the night away.

Roos van Dorsten

Backpack vacation or all-inclusive getaway?
An all-inclusive getaway! I love to travel, and I love to camp, but I can’t do with a backpack. I must have the opportunity to bring everything with me, hello… I work in fashion!

Whose closet would you most like to raid?
I think that would be the closet of Chiara Ferragni, who I also love to follow on Snapchat! I love her style because she’s really dynamic, she just pulls anything off. And if I’m honest… She owns just about every designer bag or shoe on this planet!

If you would win a million euros, how would you spend them?
I would like to travel the world, I’d buy a house, and build the biggest walk in closet for the most beautiful bags and shoes this city has ever seen!

Who’s got you dialed in on Instagram?
I’m following @styleheroine. Her photographs and her style are just amazing. I really think she’s a fashion icon! And I also love to follow all the Dutch bloggers and see what they’re up to! We should support each other!