Oumayma Boumeshouli


Nothing says fashion quite like Oumayma’s breathtaking photos – and you’ll probably lose yourself as your browse her blog or flip through her instagram feed. This brown-eyed beauty has her roots in ‘The Western Kingdom’ and started her stylish adventure to create a portfolio for future work ventures. Little did she know, this blog would end up becoming her actual job…

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
Well, I look at my phone… Most of my collaborations are with international labels and due to the time difference it takes a while before I can reply. So I look forward to reading those in the morning!

What does your Moroccan roots mean to you?
Literally, every freaking thing! It’s such a huge part of me as a person. It even makes me who I am at this very moment. And the country keeps surprising me upon every return. One day, I hope to start something for myself there, that’s one of my greatest dreams!

Pants or skirt?
That’s a hard one. I have those moods where I enjoy wearing skirts the entire week, especially during summer. But pants are everything to me, especially the wide leg ones! 

What’s your favorite magazine to read?
I love the magazine Self Service, that’s where I find most of my inspiration. When I go to Paris I always bring an empty suitcase with me, so I can fill it up with magazines and books. I get most of them through retailer WHSmith, and this ritual of mine has become a real tradition by now.

Your house is on fire and you can only save three things…
Okay, first of all my Chanel. Then my glasses, otherwise I can’t see anything, and then my phone? Let’s hope I’ll never have to deal with a situation like that… Lol!

Who is your ultimate girl crush?
I actually have a lot, but at this moment I’d say Pernille Teisbaek

How did you decide to style this ALIX item? 
The weather was slightly breezy, so I paired it with a blazer from the same collection. In summer I’d wear these pants with a crop top or printed top, and I would add an open shirt to the combo. I’m heading to a warmer place in a few weeks and I will definitely bring these to recycle this look!

I’m a Lion and that’s reflected in my personality.

Oumayma Boumeshouli

Where do you see yourself in ten years from now?
Hopefully I’ll be the owner of a PR agency specialized in fashion… With crazy little monsters running around in the showroom! I would like to represent labels I love, and help them with their overall strategy. So what I’m doing for my own business right now, on a larger scale.

What’s your star sign and how does it affect you?
I’m a Lion and that’s reflected in my personality. When I really want something, I push myself and go for it. But sometimes I can be a bit selfish, which is one of my worst personality traits, I think.

What’s your favorite instagram account?
I’m currently obsessed with @majawyh. Her feed and aesthetics are so, so good. 

Who’s your snapchat favorite?
Maybe it’s a bit of a cliché, but I enjoy following the Kardashians on snapchat. I don’t use the app a lot these days, but when I use it I always check theirs.