Noor de Groot

Creative influencer

As self-proclaimed walking mess, but never in a bad mood. Noor likes her food sinful and her coffee, well, ‘round the clock.But above all, she’s a leading lady in fashion, mother, girlfriend and extremely keen on her close circle of friends. Let’s zoom in on her versatile style – and fun personality.

Your house is on fire, which three things would you safe?
I’m not very attached to materialistic things, so I would just make sure me and my baby would get out of the house safe.

What is your favorite way to travel?
By plane for sure! I have no problem with sleeping on a plane. But I also enjoy being productive aboard. Suddenly I have all these extra hours to spend on emails, photo editing and other things I normally don’t find the time for! I’m a total plane snob so if possible, I prefer travelling first class.

Describe yourself in a cocktail.
I would be a sugary virgin lime cocktail, I rarely drink alcohol.

What advice would you give your younger self?
Not to gossip! I think everyone gets tricked into gossiping at some point, but it’s useless, just be honest with everyone. I would also tell myself to party less, there are no cute boys hanging out in clubs

How would you define your style?
Colorful rock & roll.

Pizza or chicken wings?
Pizza! I don’t like chicken wings. Honestly, I eat pizza at least once a week. Margarita with jalapeños, my favorite.

How did you style this ALIX item?
I styled the cargo jacket in a basic way, by pairing it up with the flared sleeve black dress. I like a little quirky detail, so I allowed the wide flares to peep out of the sleeves.

Which album could be the soundtrack of your life?
Born and Raised by John Mayer.

There are no cute boys hanging out in clubs

Noor de Groot

If you are the queen of jet lags, then your hubby Sander is the king of…
Jet lags. He has more of those than I do!

What are your hopes and dreams for baby Olivia?
I hope she will be the happiest girl alive, living in a peaceful world with all the freedom to be whoever she wants to be.

Where do you find fashion inspiration?
I love Pinterest and flipping through street style pictures. Right now it’s fashion week so I have an inspiration overload. When I attend shows I secretly take pictures of well-dressed girls, just to have them on my phone as inspiration.

What’s your favourite Instagram account?
My focus shifts all the time! I love following my friends, but at the moment @taramilktea is one of my faves. Her pictures are so impressive..

What’s your favorite snapchat?
I’m not going to lie, I looove following Kylie Jenner! My other favorite is probably Chiara Ferragni, because I enjoy seeing what she’s up to and what she wears on a daily basis.