Nikki Marinus

Lifestyle blogger

Nikki isn’t your typical blonde cutie. With a wicked sense of humor she is living in the now, and absolutely loves to meet new faces in new places.

The lifestyle blogger, who never gets enough of non-stop dancing, is always down for delicious baked goods and ready to take a journey at any time.  

My biggest style icon is…
Gigi Hadid, because she’s extremely natural and has great style. She rocks so many different looks… Yet makes every outfit look great, somehow!

Hard to get or hopeless romantic?
I’m not sorry about this, but I’m hard to get. I’m a bit picky when it’s comes to men so they need to show me what they’re bringing to the table!

I would love to share an ice cream with…
That’s super easy… Nick Bateman! He is the total package and his sex appeal is insane.

Secretly, I am most embarrassed about my…
Nothing!, I’m happy and comfortable with who I am. It would be nice if I could be a little taller, so I wouldn’t always be the smallest person in the room!

What role does fashion play in your life?
I prefer to see myself as a lifestyle blogger. I really love fashion and it’s part of my daily life, but it isn’t my main focus when it comes to content.

Tokyo or Berlin?
I’m going to go with Berlin, I just love that European city! I get this vibe of pure lifestyle  living and fashion whenever I’m there.

High heels or sneakers?
I would have to say that my high heeled ankle boots are my favorite shoes to wear, if you run into me, I will most likely be wearing those. I’m a short lady, so these shoes are not only comfortable, but they give me that added height I need so bad!

 I’m a party animal when it comes down to festivals. 

Nikki Marinus

Biggest childhood crush?
Justin Timberlake all the way baby! Hearing his music reminds me of my childhood and many of my ‘firsts’ in life!

What’s on your bucket list?
Getting myself to Burning Man and Coachella.. Totally honest here, I’m a party animal when it comes down to festivals. It would be an amazing experience to feel free, cutting contact with the outside world out and just being in the moment in these amazing places.

Biggest girl crush?
Elsa Hosk, because she’s timeless and also a great inspiration to me and many others.

What’s your favourite Snapchat?
Caroline Daur @carodaurohnee, as she is also my favorite person to follow on Instagram. She is extremely professional, while also doing spontaneous moves that thrill her viewers!