Natalia Georgala

Fashion Blogger

She's a beaut, isn't she? Half of fashion duo By Nef & Nat, Natalia will blow you away with her gorgeous instagram feed and immaculate style. What started as a hobby, has now turned into so much more, including a full time job and dedicated following. One of many reasons to focus on this Greek goddess, with her cheeky oneliners.  

Describe the perfect day.
Me, my boyfriend and our little dog. Just sipping on rosé wine while watching our fave tv show. Simple, yet perfect. 

What’s on your bucket list?
A lot of things, all of which involve travel.

Who is your ride or die chick?
My sister Nef, who I run my blog with. She’s always here to save the day.

What is the biggest lie about Greek people?
That we eat moussaka, souvlakia and feta cheese every single day. We know a lot more about international cuisine, ok?

The most romantic thing someone ever did for you?
I guess I’m still waiting for that one... Hint!

Milan or Paris?
Paris for the ambience, Milan for the food.

What unofficial role would you play in a girl group?
The role of the whiny girl. You know that girl who always finds something to complain about and gets even worse when she’s hungry? Well, that would be me.

My biggest style muse is...
My all-time favorite is Jackie O. Her style and grace are unbeatable, even after so many years. However, I find loads of inspo in everyday instagirls, like as the Italian Patricia Manfield, or the Spanish Maria Bernad.

Favorite food in the whole world?
Is chocolate considered food?

What’s the best thing about running a blog?
Having built a community of my own whom I share my life with. Priceless. 

I’m a very active person

Natalia Georgala

Cocktail craver or wine lover?
That’s not even a question. Wine! Any day, anytime.

Most timeless item you own?
My mom’s black Chanel 2.55. I guess I have to tell her I’m never giving it back, right?

The ultimate girl power song?
Gloria Gaynor’s “I will survive”. I don’t think there’s a girl who hasn’t sung this along with their girlfriends after a brutal break-up.

Simply can’t live without…
My dog, Pablo. I take him everywhere with me.

Backpack vacation or all-inclusive getaway?
That’s a hard one, I guess something in the middle. I’m a very active person who gets super bored when lying under the sun all day long. But I also enjoy getting pampered. So I love 5-star hotels, but in adventurous places.

What’s your favorite Instagram?
@lesparisiennesdumonde and @vintagefashion, I just love their tribe!