Lizzy van der Ligt

Blogger & Stylist

Call her the queen of mix and match, this brunette babe makes any combo work. She knows Ibiza inside out, can’t be without her coffee and works around the clock.

Discover this chick and her everlasting touch of je ne sais quoi: Lizzy talks love, style and life.

Who puts a smile on your face?
That’s my boyfriend Yuki. Because he is the most special person I know!

Describe your closet with a movie title.
I would nickname it a Closet Inception. I have all these little drawers and secret hiding places, where I keep my most precious items. At first glance you will see a normal walk in closet, but once you look closer you will spot all the mini closets hidden inside it.

The most romantic thing a man ever did for you?
Hmmm… where should I start, hahaha! I have a really romantic boyfriend, but there’s one thing I will never forget. He’s an MC at DJ trio Kris Kross, so he works mostly at night when I’m in my bed. One day I woke up to find a rose that he bought me from the gas station! Even on tour he’s thinking about me.

Where do you get your style inspiration from?
My mom and grandma, without a doubt. My grandma taught me how to combine and create a universally styled outfit, my mom taught me to pay attention to details and made me fall in love with fashion and style.

When was the last time you were really proud of yourself?
This year I did something completely new and totally out of my comfort zone. I hosted a television show on RTL5 called ‘KATWALK’. I am really proud of the result and it was so much fun to do!

What’s your shopping intuition like?
I only buy something when I instantly fall in love with what I see. I’m not the type to consider or wait for the sale. If I see something and I really want it, I always shout ‘’I need this in my life!” And that’s when my boyfriend knows it’s too late.

This year I did something completely new and totally out of my comfort zone.

Lizzy van der Ligt

To try before you die?
I would love to swim with wild dolphins.

If you really knew me, you would know…
That you can’t have a normal conversation with me before I’ve had my coffee in the morning.

When do you feel most vulnerable?
When my friends ask me for shopping advice. That’s when I can advise them to buy a piece they will wear with love, something that makes them feel good.

What’s your worst habit?
Smoking. I promised myself I will quit when I’m pregnant.

Describe a perfect day.
Waking up next to my boyfriend in our bed on Ibiza. I’ll jump in the shower while he’s making coffee. Slip on that perfect little dress, and then drive over to a little breakfast place to have an omelette. We’ll meet my parents in the harbour where we hop on a boat and sail away. Then get ready for dinner with a new outfit. Eat sushi or a big jamon platter and afterwards grab a cocktail underneath the stars, going to bed knowing tomorrow is going to be exactly the same.