Jolie Lot

Creative business woman

Edgy, wild and fierce, that’s how we would describe Jolie Lot. The blonde babe lives by the motto ‘positive mind, vibes and life’ and is always in for a trip to her definition of paradise: Morocco. Al though she will have to miss her faithful four-legged friend Louie then. There’s so much to know, when it comes to Jolie. Especially when we asked about the craziest thing she has ever done..

Describe yourself in 4 words
Fierce, but sweet with a creative mind plus a lot of positive vibes.

When do you feel vulnerable?
I remember that during my study at the Academy of Artemis I felt very vulnerable. The standards were way too high and nothing was good enough. I totally blocked and was afraid to deliver anything. I just had doubts about everything and felt miserable. I’ve learned a lot about this period of my life and worked very hard to regain the strength to believe in myself.

What’s your favorite movie snack?
Does red wine count?

If you would win a million euros, how would you spend them?
I’m busy setting up my own mule brand named La Papouché. If I would win a million I would immediately hire some designers, an intermediary whom can do business with the manufacturers and an accountant who can prevent me from making bad money decisions. Oh, and of course a kick-ass office with a gorgeous upstairs apartment!

Early bird or night owl?
Rise and shine for me, because I am an early bird! If I get up early I just feel really relaxed and there’s always a chill vibe in the city. Mornings are just better.

Whose closet would you most like to raid?
The closet of Maja Wyh en Josefine H.J. Their clothes are to die for.

Whats the craziest thing you have done?
It’s quite a crazy story.. Here it goes. I ran away from home in my puberty with fifty euros of cash in my pocket. I bought with that money a train ticket to Groningen where my ex had a house. He was on vacation so I could stay there. After being missing for two weeks I betrayed myself by sending my mother a card on her birthday, where of course the stamp gave away the place where I stayed.

are just better

Jolie Lot

What’s puts a smile on your face?
My poodle Louie, she’s the definition of happiness.

In my next life, I should be ….
A guy, preferably a very handsome skater boy with an open mind. I can get jealous of the way dudes get along with each other and have the best time with laughing about their silly jokes. Women are true over thinkers and envy each other things. That’s just so sad!

My biggest style icon?
Maja Wyh. I love the way how she rocks every outfit.

The ultimate getaway destination?
Without a doubt: Morocco! In a few hours you find yourself in a complete different world with a good climate, sweet people and the best food. I always come back totally zen and with loads of inspiration.

High heels or sneakers?
High heels. I feel more confident and besides that I think that heels are the finishing touch of every outfit.

Hard to get or hopeless romantic?
A hopeless romantic.. 

Currently on repeat?
Sleepwalking – Tourist Wash. I like that indie vibe in a song because it gives me that young, wild and free feeling.