Jessica Roche


Meet one of our favorite Aussie’s: Miss Roche. All you need to know is that she is a psychology student, model and all her pics are serious #goals. But what’s going on in the head of this laid-back stunner? We chatted to Jessica about her style, morning routine and how modeling has changed her life..

Describe yourself in three words?
I guess I would go for quirky, go-getting and a chatterbox.

I can’t live without?
There are a few: Coffee, a good quality rich face moisturizer (I’m in love with Drunk Elephant at the moment), fresh fruit, music, clean air and natural light.

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
Make my bed, do my morning skin routine and then make myself a coffee.

Messy bun or hair down?
I love to wear my hair down.

Milkshakes or cocktails?
Definitely cocktails! They are the cherry on top of a cake at a girls’ night out.

High heels or sneakers?
Sneakers – comfort is key, always.

Where do you see yourself in ten years from now?
At 33, I see myself being extremely well travelled and full of incredible memories of an adventurous twenties. I see myself immersed in a self-built and rewarding career that makes me happy and my psychology degree will somehow play a part in that. The only thing I have never been able to picture is what city I will settle down in. Which is kind of exciting. Maybe I never will settle down in one place.

What piece of advice would you give your younger self?
Slow down, take it all in, live in the moment and praise yourself for all of your little daily amazing achievements instead of always worrying or thinking about the future. But most of all: be kinder to yourself, you’re doing great.

comfort is key, always.

Jessica Roche

What’s the craziest thing you have done?
Hahaha, my mum will no doubt read this interview. So I don’t kiss and tell.

The ultimate work out song?
I think this is everyone’s work out classic but: Eye of the tiger – Survivor

Favorite Instagram account?
I’m currently obsessed with the feed of @jasonleeparry and @90scigarettes.

You’re secret beauty trick?
Stay super hydrated, put money into a good quality moisturizer or serum and never (and then I really mean never) sleep or work out in your makeup.

How has modeling changed your life?
It has allowed me to meet the most incredible people and connect with some lifelong friends. It has given me the opportunity to travel to some amazing countries and also provided me with an outlet to make an income doing something that I find so enjoyable and creative whilst I’m studying.