Jelena Cikoja


Meet my new girl crush! This Germany-born stunner is located in NYC where there must be something in the air because it’s her free spirit, scroll-worthy insta, her eye for jewelry and the way she pulls of the combination of untamed hair and classic pieces with a dash of rock ‘n roll that has us hooked. If you aren’t already familiar with Jelena Cikoja, then it’s about time..

My style is..
Very mood-dependent. Sometimes I feel like wearing all black or a blue jeans, white tee plus leather jacket and on other days I love wearing feminine playful dresses and mix and match patterns. But mostly I wear lots of jewelry. I love layering necklaces and wearing several rings per finger.

Describe the perfect day?
It's sunny and warm. Sleeping in with my man and puppy, long walks by the beach, a big healthy breakfast, hiking to a spot with a great view, a swim in the ocean...Then prepare lots of fresh food with family and friends. I love to cook. After that listen to great music and talk, laugh & dance by a bonfire until late at night. And to end this perfect day I would watch the stars and the moon until I pass out! I know it sounds super cheesy, but it’s true.

Backpack vacation or all-inclusive getaway?
I guess something in between. I love adventures and exploring new countries and blending in with the locals, but I need the luxury of a hot shower and a comfy bed. I could suck it up for three days and go completely explorer mode, but a full on all-inclusive holiday would probably bore me after one day - especially if it's in a resort with tons of people.

What’s the craziest thing you have done?
Stopped a stranger and asked for a kiss. He's my boyfriend now. It will forever be my favorite story to tell.

What trend you will never get tired of?
Levis 501, white T and leather jacket. It's simple, comfortable and timeless.

Who is your girl crush?
All my closest girlfriends I surround myself with. They're beautiful inside and out, fun, strong, creative, and an inspiration to me each in their own way. I love all of them to bits.

The ultimate girl power song?
Beyoncé sure is the queen of girl power songs, but I think we all love singing out loud to Meredith Brooks song “Bitch”.

Cocktail craver or wine lover?
Depends on the night. In cozy atmospheres I love me some good wine. For going out I prefer cocktails.

I can’t live without..
My family and friends. Although I see most of them only once or twice a year I feel very close to them, thanks to nowadays technology. My 9 month old puppy Cali (@cali__nyc) . She's the cutest little fluff ball and she just makes me happy every day. Avocados. I eat at least one a day, make pretty damn good avocado toast and even if we order pizza I need to add avocado on top. My passport. I'm getting so much inspiration from my travels and collecting the best memories.

I love adventures and exploring new countries

Jelena Cikoja

City chick or small town girl?
Small town girl. I'm born in Stuttgart Germany, where I spent most of my childhood, but right now I'm living in New York and couldn't see myself anywhere else... at least for the next couple years!

Which foods do you find addictive?
Mmmh.. simply thinking about them makes me crave them. Caramel M&Ms, toffee cookies, kettle popcorn and peanut butter pretzels. Yum!

The most beautiful place in the world?
This spring I went to the Bahamas for the very first time and I have to say that the untouched sand banks in Exuma are the most beautiful I have ever seen. Swimming with stingrays, turtles and seeing iguanas in their natural habitat was a dream coming true for me.

How do you handle jet lags?
When getting on the plane I right away set my time to the destination time. If I have to arrive tired (arriving at night) I watch movies all flight long, listen to music and clean out my camera roll on my phone... If I have to arrive fresh (arriving in the a.m.) I sleep through the flight. A good neck pillow, noise cancelling headphones and an eye mask are mandatory.

Your secret beauty trick?
Staying hydrated, keeping the hands off of the face and removing make up are crucial for a healthy and glowing skin. As a make up remover I use coconut oil, warm water and cotton pads. My dry skin loves the excess oil, so I leave it on. As for make up I think less is more: Don't think about hiding your flaws too much but distract from them by enhancing your strengths.

What’s on your bucket list?
Traveling is one of the most enriching things to me (if it's done right). So living in Australia & Tokyo is planned for the near future. Also, definitely visiting Peru, New Zealand and Kenya. Other than that I would love to learn sign language and to become fluent in at least two more languages. I already speak 4. Also creating something of my own. I'm actually already working on this one so stay tuned.