Iris Amber


Slay is an understatement when describing Iris Amber’s style. With her natural flair for fashion and splash of color she effortlessly rocks every picture. She describes her closet as rainbow, so it isn’t a surprise that the reason behind her smile is blue M&M’s…

Describe yourself in four words…
I can say from myself that I’m very open minded, social, colorful and caring.

What puts a smile on your face?
Actually all the small things in life... If my dog does crazy things or if random people in public transport start conversations, I really like that. Moments with my friends, family and without a doubt… Blue M&M’s! Love those!

 Early bird or night owl?
That would definitely be a night owl... I hate mornings, just not made for me.

If you had a slogan t-shirt that defined your life right now, what would it say?
I’m hungry, give me blue M&M’s or something with wine involved.

Your coffee order?
An oat milk cappuccino or iced latte. Depends on the weather and my mood.

Who’s closet would you most like to raid?
That’s a no-brainer: Chiara Ferragni!

Festival or concert?
In general I would say festival, but if Ry X would perform then definitely a concert.

Which album could be the soundtrack of your life?
It’s not an album, but the playlist “Discozwemmen” on Spotify is my all time favorite!! It’s my all-day every-day mood.

I hate mornings, just not made for me

Iris Amber

My style is a mix of…
Rainbow! I love a splash of color.

What’s your get away destination?
I really love Bali. Such a beautiful place!

What’s on your bucket list?
I always admired people who can play the piano, so learning to play that would be on top.

Biggest childhood hero?
Avril Lavigne! I loved her colorful hair and cool vibes.

 I am nothing without?
Self love, my dog buddy and of course all my friends and family.