Hannah Liza

Fashion Blogger

Say hello to cool girl Hannah. She’s a daydreamer with wild hair that’s actually making her dreams come true. Working in fashion was one of her childhood dreams, so it’s needless to say we can describe this mystery girl as a go-getter. Although she needs five alarms and a lot of coffee to get up in the morning, she’s the ultimate girl boss you have to keep up with.

Describe yourself in three words?
Chaotic. Impulsive. Curious.

Are you a morning person or a night owl?
I am definitely a night owl. As a student I used to stay up until three or four o’clock to finish papers or presentations that were due. At night I have a lot of energy where as I need five alarms at least to get up in the morning and also a lot of coffee.

What’s the craziest thing you have done?

Unfortunately I have never been bungee jumping, skydiving or anything like that. But being able to travel in your professional life and to meet all kinds of people still feels very crazy to me most of the time.

How was your first kiss?
Awfully unromantic. I wish I could say the first kiss was with my first love. But honestly it was during an embarrassing session of ‘spin the bottle’..

In my next life, I should be...
I would love to be a surfer girl. Just living the beach life!

The coolest festival I’ve ever been to..

I really want to attend Coachella one time. But my coolest festival so far has been Feel Festival near Berlin. Not only because we caught the warmest weekend this summer, but also because it was kind of a holiday feeling with a lot of lovely people, great DJs and everything set-up around a big lake.

Simply can’t live without...
My boyfriend Tim. He is my right hand in everything. I am blessed to have a man on my side that supports me in everything I do. He has fun taking photos with me, traveling with me and he manages my work in a way.

The ultimate girl power song?
Destiny’s Child – Independent Woman. But there are so many more. I love it when one of those songs is played at the club and suddenly all of the girls fill the dance floor.

Your favorite Instagram account?
This is not easy. I follow so many great accounts. For fashion I would need to name these Italian girls @Patriciamanfield and @Valentinamarzullo and for travel I’m in love with every single shot of @gypsea_lust and my brothers account @throughglassyeyes.

I am definitely a night owl

Hannah Liza

All-night party or Netflix and chill?

Well, it has changed. Today I’m more in the mood for Netflix and chill. I’m enjoying the time with my boyfriend and friends at home. But a few years ago I would not have said no to a club night.

Who inspires you style wise?
Alexa Chung has been my style icon for years. She really is awsome. On Instagram I get my daily dose of inspiration and I have to admit there are so many girls out there, who totally nail it with their style and their looks, which in turn motivates me for my work!

Are you a daydreamer or a go-getter?
Well, everyone says I am a daydreamer, so I guess I really am one. And it is true that I have always had a lively phantasy and many childhood dreams. I wanted to become a musician, but that dream has not come true... yet. But my second great wish to work with fashion has indeed come true. And since it has, I am becoming more and more of a go-getter. I know what it possible for me, what makes me look it from a realistic perspective and I work really hard to get it.

High heels or sneakers?
Sneakers for sure.

What’s on your bucket list?
To buy a house somewhere warm and sunny, where my family and friends would meet and everyone is welcome!

What’s your favorite thing to eat for lunch?
Everything that looks like breakfast. I could have breakfast at any time of the day.