Felice Fleur


Felice Fleur is a self-proclaimed wild girl at heart. While she’ll always give you her opinion straight up, she cares most for her loved ones, and would do anything in her ability to take care of them.

It’s not all fun and games for this girl, while she travels the world, she works hard but makes sure there’s time for a little bit of play in there too!

What’s it like to see yourself on a billboard?
I will never get used to it! It’s crazy, but it’s always fun to see yourself when you’re on the road driving past a larger than life image.

Beach hair or the perfect blowout?
This is a no brainer to me. The best blowout in town is without doubt my mothers hair salon Simcha & Friends in Amsterdam!

What unofficial role would you play in a girl group?
Well since I’ve already discussed this with my friends a long time ago, I’d be the crazy one!

My biggest style icon is…
I’d have to go with Liz Louise, because she’s both my best friend and I also learn a lot from her when it comes to fashion.

What makes a man sexy?
I am attracted to a man with a strong personality and a great sense of humor. With those two ingredients, you can’t go wrong!

On a bad day, the only thing that keeps me going is…
Food! I’d have to say food and my dad, who I always call when I am having an off day.

High heels or sneakers?
I’d have to go with sneakers or else I’d be taller than my boyfriend!

What puts a smile on your face?
Working with an amazing team and taking the most beautiful pictures around the world.

I’d have to go with sneakers or else I’d be taller than my boyfriend!

Felice Fleur

Secretly, I am most embarrassed about my…
This sounds silly, I have to say my voice! And that’s because I think I sound like a 70-year-old raspy voiced woman!

Wanderlust or homesick?
Definitely my natural habitat Amsterdam! I’m at my best when I’m in my own city, with my friends and family.

Describe your style in three words.
Easy…casual, a bit of bohemian mixed with sexy.

The ultimate getaway destination?
Altea, which is located between Alicante and Valencia in Spain. It’s my favorite spot to chill out, and I’ve been going there since I was little.

What’s your favourite Instagram and Snapchat?
On Instagram it’d be @loversanddriftersclub, the collective is so inspiring and they have beautiful pictures. I follow Rose Bertram on Snapchat because she’s my favorite Snapchat rapper. She shares such great insights into her life!