Esther & Anne Vedder

Founders of Vedder & Vedder

The best things in life come in pairs. Little bubbles Anne and Esther are the living proof. A spontaneous go-getter and an endless dreamer. Sisters in business, but friends above all!

Get to know these identical, but not so alike twins. It takes two to tango

Best workout song of all time?
E: Well, as a matter of fact, we share a full playlist dedicated to motivational songs with our cousin Manon. She’s an entrepreneur as well. All of the tracks listed are songs about success and winning… Including rap songs, haha!
A: Yup, from DJ Khaled to Drake… All the bad classics. Even though they’re somewhat tasteless, we just love to sing along.

How can we tell you two apart?
E: When it comes to character, we’re very different. I am extremely chaotic and I can focus on one thing only. Anne on the other hand, knows exactly how to tone me down. The perfect balance!
A: We don’t think we’re that similar but then again… A lot of people can’t tell us apart. So we both wear our initials as earrings now, to help them a bit. It’s bizarre how many people check our ears to see whom they’re talking to!

The last time we felt like fools, was when…
E: Pfff, that one time we asked a mechanic to take a look at our car, because it wasn’t working according to us. In the end it turned out we we’re just using the wrong key… Ouch!

What advice would you give to your younger self?
A: Do whatever your heart tells you. And please, care less about the opinions and expectations of others. In the end, your happiness is most important.
E: May I share this advice with my current self as well? I am seriously dealing with the fear of missing out, something I’ve stumbled upon before in my life. You can’t be everywhere all the time, so finding peace in just relaxing or doing nothing can be such a relief.

I am extremely chaotic and I can focus on one thing only.

Esther & Anne Vedder

What makes the ultimate business lady?
A: Seeking opportunities everywhere, many roads lead to Rome. So think 24/7 rather than 9 to 5!
E: Never give up. Even when things don’t go your way, a new day means a new chance. Grasp it and push it all the way!

Hard to get or hopeless romantic?
E: I always pretend to be hard to get. But deep down I’m hopeless romantic. I’m talking ‘The Notebook’ romantic!
A: More hard to get, I would say. I enjoy my job so much I get caught up in it. Men tend to think I forget about them, when I focus on work. But I must admit… I have moments where I stare at my phone, waiting for his message to pop up. So annoying!

What do you admire in each other?
E: Anne is so perfectly structured; I honestly wonder where she gets the time. There are moments when we’re swamped, and she’s able to finish all extra work. It makes me wonder, how does she do it?
A: Esther is a real ball of fire. Life is full of ups and downs, but Esther knows exactly how to pick herself up and simply go for it. She would never allow herself to drown in misery.