Anouk van Kleef


Introducing the new model muse, of course I’m talking about Anouk van Kleef. This beauty is on all of our #ootd inspo boards. And get this, she’s even more charismatic as on your feed. We talked all things modeling, going after whatever the hell you want and unexpected beauty tricks.

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
Questioning myself where I am. I’m serious, I travel a lot for work and arrive most of the time late at my hotel the night before the shoot so I wake up very often being very confused where I am.


Whose style do you admire?
I can’t think of anyone specific honestly... I love different unique styles and the mix of it which isn’t from one person in particular. This person can be someone walking pass by me on the street and catches my eye by having an unique outfit. Or someone that stands next to me in line in a store. And if I have a chance to tell them I love their look I do! When I lived in NY it happened so often a stranger complimented me on my looks passing by on the street and I always thought ahw that’s so nice. So, I love to do the same. I think we should give each other more compliments in general, this happens way too less in this world!

 What is the best adventure you have ever been on?
A spontaneous road trip to Big Sur CA with friends the period I was living in LA for a few months. It was so funny because we came up with this idea the night before and a few drinks later lol so none of us imagined we actually would go... But the morning after we pushed each other positively and ended up jumping in the car to hit the road and it was amazing. We had no plan, no hotel or whatever booked yet and decided to call it the no plan-plan trip and let everything just come up to us the way it goes and everything worked out the way we could not even have wished for, best adventure ever! I love spontaneous things like this.

 The thing I miss the most when I’m away from home is..
My own sleeping pillow(s). I’ve got used to sleep in different hotel-beds all the time but the one thing I find so hard to deal with until the day of today are the pillows... For some reason they always gross me out and are never as good as my own, and I miss them so much! I really have been thinking about traveling with my own but then I’m like nah so much effort and space in my suitcase. Yet it will change my life if I do so maybe I should actually really start doing this.

 How do you handle jet lags?
By not focusing on the time difference, what time it is at the location I came from and trying not to sleep on times I shouldn’t. This way I blend into the new time zone the fastest way. I also always avoid the plane food and drink a lot of water during the flight, this (usually) helps me arriving fresh instead of exhausted and bloated from the flight which is a good start on fighting the jet lag already.

You’re secret beauty trick..
I don’t really have a secret for that. I just really take care of my skin like a baby. I clean my face twice a day and use hydrating creme with Hyaluronic acid that helps to keep your skin looks young and hydrated. Aw wait, maybe that’s my secret then - buy cremes with Hyaluronic acid! 

Always listen to your intuition and stay close to yourself.

Anouk van Kleef

What's the craziest thing you've done?
Lol do you have a minute?

I feel most confident when I..
Am surrounded by kind and non-judge-mental people. I’m very sensitive and feel energies very strong so when I’m feeling comfortable with my surroundings I’m the most confident because I can simply be myself.

What’s your coffee order?
Oat Milk Cappuccino with a double shot of espresso in the morning. And now during winter I love having a (sugar free) Oatmilk Dirty Chai Latte in the afternoon. Or a Matcha Latte. Or a Tumeric Latte. Lol.

Where do you see yourself in ten years from now?
Good question. With the lifestyle and job that I have I even don’t know about tomorrow. So I’ve learned to be in the moment and stay close to my own gut feeling and happiness and always follow that. This way I believe my life will flow in the right direction.

Best life advice someone gave you?
Always listen to your intuition and stay close to yourself.

 Which album could be the soundtrack of your life?
This is all depending on where I am how I feel and in which state of my life I am because my life changes so fast all the time.

 In my next life, I should be..
Living a bare feet kinda life far from anything we care about in the Western materialistic world. Bali for example might got more commercial and touristic, but I still saw the pure soul of it and I admired so much how the actual locals are living such a simple and spiritual life being happy with so little.