Anouk Hoogendijk

Professional football player

Anouk is many things, but sports are a central part of her life. To say she’s athletic would be an understatement! The lady is a professional football player for the Ajax team, as well as the Dutch National Team.

When she’s not on the field or training she enjoys good food with friends and family, traveling and of course, shopping! 

Are you a morning person or a night owl?
To be honest, with my lifestyle it’s quite difficult to be a night owl. I’ve got to be fit year round and that requires a lot of rest. However, I’m more of a night person than I am a morning person

What’s the nicest compliment someone ever gave you?
The biggest compliment I’ve ever received came from a girl. She had stopped playing soccer but found her love and passion for the sport again, after reading my book Balverliefd. To have inspired others, and continuing to do so, that is my biggest compliment!

A week without soccer is like a week without…
Energy, passion and love!

How did you put your ALIX pieces together?
I like to combine different kind of styles together. I believe the dress from Alix, modern but an edgy print, looks great with a pair of Nikes! To switch it up for an evening out I can still wear the dress, but pair it with a set of killer heels.

Currently on repeat…
Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen!

Beach hair or the perfect blowout?
Beach hair all the way! I love the sun and sand in my hair. I am in love with the beach, but I also love playing in the water!

What’s your favorite Instagram account?
I’d have to say @stylescrapbook by Andy Torres. She’s interesting, fashionable and unique!

My style is feminine, combined with a sporty edge.

Anouk Hoogendijk

Reality TV or sitcoms?
Monday is always a tough training day, so my evening ritual consists of a comfy outfit and a great sitcom like Modern Family or Orange is the New Black.

What’s on your bucket list?
My family often travels together on vacation. It’s our dream to go on a safari together, in South Africa.

I would love to share a cocktail with…
Patrick Dempsey! He is the total package.